about me

2017 publication of „project mindframe. the disc/o/diamond edition“ http://independent.academia.edu/IreneSlameczka
2015-16 set back by breastcancer and chemotherapy
since 2014 international public relations set-up and poetic laboratory on www.facebook.com/irene.slameczka
since 2011 processing of single „mindframes“, for instance as infographics
2005-2006 period of non-availability
since 2004 independant artist working out „project mindframe“ as poetic hypertext
since 1998 formulation of minimalist poetry (3×7 lines) as an information product
1995-2002 development of www.transdimensional-photongraphy.com to make visible the invisible (offline since 2012)
1993-1995 various occupations in entertainment and event-marketing (customer services, secretary, project coordination (Sony Music), slide-shows, analyses of advertisement and commercials)
1986-2003 various functions for the company Mani Bläuel, Greek Organic Products, 1070 Vienna (office- and warehouse work, fairgoer, information services, translations of technical literature, business counseling)
1985-1992 various jobs in tourism (hotel receptionist, money exchange, saleswoman for concert- and theatre tickets, tourist information)
1987-1998 University of Vienna, Japanology and Political Sciences
1984-1985 American Field Service in Tokyo, Japan
1982-1987 High School, HIB Boerhaavegasse, 1030 Wien 1978-1982 Junior High School, AHS Amerlingstrasse, 1060 Wien 1974-1978 Evangelic Elementary School, Karlsplatz, 1040 Wien
born on July 13th, 1968, in Vienna

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